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Danley™ Dowel Plate Dowel & Sleeve System

Designed for construction joint applications in concrete slabs and pavements, Danley™ Dowels are designed as a fast fix system which provide load transfer across the joint and minimise differential deflection between adjacent slab panels. 

Danley Dowels provide a low in-place cost solution by eliminating the need for the drilling or processing of formwork that is required with traditional round and square dowel systems. 

PD3 Plate Dowel Cradle System

For use on saw-cuts joints, the patented PD3 design features a tapered and sleeveless plate dowel, providing the world’s best performance in limiting joint deflection to provide superior joint stability. 

The PD3 Dowel Cradle provides the highest deflection control tolerance in line with ACI 360R-10 recommendations to limit joint spalling, facilitate load transfer and provide the lowest risk of restraint to ensure the best serviceability outcome for the slab design. 

Strategic Reinforcement Design Project Case Study

Located in Marsden Park NSW, and boasting over 14,000m2 - the new flagship store of a global, US based discount wholesale chain opened its doors to the public in August 2017. 

What makes this facility unique was the design and construction methodology of the floor. The largest, Strategically Reinforced designed floor of its kind in Australia...  


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