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The safety of our people is our number one priority


Our commitment to safety

For ITW Construction Products, workplace health and safety is the primary consideration across all its global administration and manufacturing operations. Nurturing a culture of safety and consideration for colleagues and equipment, ITW places the health and safety of its workforce first and foremost so that its teams can continue to serve customers and bring new innovations to market. 

Our safe working practices

Danley continually reviews its safe work practices in line with the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations. To eliminate exposure to risk and injury, we uphold a range of carefully monitored procedures and systems designed to maintain a safe working environment.


Our responsibility

We maintain a culture of safety consciousness in which all employees are encouraged to speak up about any concern they may have for their own safety, or the safety of someone else.


Our employees are never asked to attempt anything that might be unsafe for them, or their colleagues around them. And we encourage all our team members to be vigilant for property or equipment issues which could result in a safety issue.