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    The Strategic Reinforcement Design is a value engineered solution that combines ground supported flatwork designs, with the performance advantages of tapered plate dowels: PD3 Dowel Cradles and Danley Dowels. The design optimises materials and labour by placing steel where it provides the most benefit, which is at the joints. All mid-panel reinforcement is thereby eliminated. Strategically reinforced concrete flatwork minimises joint spalling and random cracking with joints that are strategically placed to mitigate cracks, and the use of tapered plate dowels offer forgiving installation tolerances at the joints. The Strategic Reinforcement Design has realised a return on investment for contractors, owners, and designers with more than 200 million square meters in place worldwide.

    Construction and Design Benefits:
    • Value engineered solution: optimises materials and labour, by leveraging slab-on-ground designs, and tapered plate dowel technology
    • Cost savings resulting from a performance based design
    • Increases construction effciencies; improved accessibility for vehicles and labour
    • Long life-cycle pavements
    • Simple construction: no misalignment on-site, no staking, drilling or spinning of round dowels
    • Full access to subgrade: allows for re-leveling in the case of rutting from vehicles
    • Reduces labour fatigue: less steel to carry

    Performance Elements:
    • Controls the natural characteristics of concrete such as curling and shrinking
    • Minimises restraint that could result in cracking
    • Delivers joint stability: less than 0.25 mm deflection with lift truck traffc with small, hard wheels
    • Minimises joint faulting and spalling

    • Concrete Society TR66 Rev. 1: External in-situ Concrete Paving
    • ACI 330.2R-17: Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Site Paving for Industrial and Trucking Facilities
    • ACI 360R-10: Guide to Design of Slabs-on-Ground
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