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    Danley Dowels are a tapered plate dowel and sleeve system designed to reduce restraint for day joint applications in concrete industrial floors and pavements. Danley Dowels are designed as a fast fix to timber form system that provides load transfer across the joint and minimises differential deflection between adjacent slab panels. Danley Dowels provide a low cost solution by eliminating the need for drilling or processing of formwork that is required with traditional round and square dowel systems. Danley Dowels come pre-packaged with all components ready for installation. Danley Dowels are available in 6 mm and 10 mm thickness.

    • Nailing flange with double-headed nails provides secure attachment to the forms.
    • Double-headed nails help retain the sleeve in the concrete when stripping the forms.
    • Plastic sleeves allow the dowel to be installed after the forms are stripped.
    • Available in 6 mm and 10 mm thickness.


    Concrete Contractor
    • Better performing pavements and slabs: eliminates out of joint cracking
    • Simple installation: easy sleeve installation, form removal the next day, and dowel insertion
    • Reduces labour: eliminates need for drilling or processing forms
    • Improves customer satisfaction: less repairs and maintenance
    • Repeat business
    • ​Compliance with TR34, TR66, ACI 330.2R-17, and ACI 360R-10
    • Performance engineered design: provides highest performance in controlling joint deflection and minimises restraint
    • Allows for slab shrinkage and lateral movement on the horizontal plane
    • Reliable pavement performance
    • Sleeve provides expansion
    • Sleeve ensures the plate dowel is held perpendicular to the joint
    Asset Owner
    • Long life-cycle pavements and slabs
    • Increases tenant satisfaction
    • Reduces floor maintenance and downtime costs over the lifecycle of the facility

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