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PD3® Dowel Cradle

Save time – Dowels are preassembled in cradles for accurate placement

Easy to install – One person installation (<10 kg) whilst concrete is placed

Superior Joints – Minimised restraint and high load transfer across slabs (>90%) with exceptional long-term joint stability (<0.25 mm deflection possible)

For unrivalled joint stability in sawn free-movement joints, Danley has created the PD3® Dowel Cradle. This performance-engineered tapered and sleeveless plate dowel offers best-in-class performance in limiting joint deflection. In fact, the PD3® Dowel Cradle provides the highest possible deflection control tolerance in accordance with ACI Standards.

The obvious choice for concrete contractors and engineers looking to secure the best serviceability outcome for their slab design, the Danley PD3® Dowel Cradle reduces joint spalling, facilitates load transfer and delivers the lowest risk of restraint achievable, when compared to all other products on the market.



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