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Danley® Dowel

Save time – Does not require the drilling or processing time associated with round dowels and allows fast stripping of timber shutters

Easy to install –  Pre-packaged with all components and simple installation to shutters

Superior Joints – Minimised restraint and high load transfer across slabs (>90%) with exceptional long-term joint stability (<0.25 mm deflection possible)

To reduce restraint for construction joint applications in concrete industrial floors and pavements, Danley has created the Danley® Dowel. This tapered plate dowel and sleeve system promotes load transfer across the joint and minimises differential deflection between adjacent slab panels.

Engineered as a fast fix to timber form system, Danley® Dowels deliver impressive cost and time savings onsite, by removing the need for drilling or processing of formwork.

Pre-packaged with all the components required for installation, Danley® Dowels are available in 6mm and 10mm thicknesses.



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