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About Us

Simplicity, Performance, Sustainability

With more than 25 years experiencing serving the industrial slab-on-ground sector, Danley recognises the ever-growing need for load transfer solutions which are engineered for performance, quick and easy to install and capable of delivering cost, and material savings on site.


This is the challenge that drives our people every day, and that’s why they are our greatest asset. Working closely with customers throughout the design and installation process, we understand the changing needs of the construction sector as it evolves towards a greener future. And we always strive to meet these challenges head on, adapting our values and innovating our products to suit customer requirements.

Our Values

  • Simplicity Here at Danley, we believe that simplicity in design is key to product performance when it comes to managing load transfer in concrete slab-on-ground floors. This ethos can be seen and put to the test throughout our product portfolio. The best part? A simple product offers a simple installation, with no mesh and chairs to slow things down.
  • PerformanceOur products are designed to perform – nothing more. The science behind our load transfer solutions is what makes Danley such a popular choice. In other words, we construct performance led products, from high-quality materials to a simple, yet incredibly effective design which is durable and easy to install.
  • SustainabilityWe understand the importance of sustainability in the construction sector, and the benefits of material, labour and cost reduction for the supply chain and the environment. Danley products can offer considerable reductions in both materials and labour on site, supporting the sustainability of your build and delivering tangible cost and time savings.

Introducing Danley Systems

From our global network of five locations, we consult and supply a worldwide customer base. In the UK, we have facilities in Glenrothes, plus support teams in Glasgow and Crawley. We offer value-engineered solutions to support main contractors during the tender process or on projects already approved. With a fully insured design service, plus our portfolio of load transfer, we are a trusted name throughout the industrial slab-on-ground floors, residential applications and pavements.

Introducing ITW

Founded more than 100 years ago, ITW Construction Products is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fixing, fastening, and drilling systems for wood steel and concrete applications.

Operating in around 60 countries worldwide, and employing more than 50,000 talented professionals, ITW is proud to have more than 17,000 granted and pending patents for customer-centric solutions.


Our world-renowned brands lead in markets where ITW technology can address customers’ needs for increased productivity, quality and high standards for safety, including offsite construction projects. With presence in a variety of end-use applications and markets, ITW Construction is focused on creating differentiated products and solutions around the globe.

Our Brands


For all your timber construction needs. Paslode is internationally renowned as innovator and leader of cordless nailing systems for timber construction. Our best-in-class tools have long been the benchmark for the entire market in direct nailing.


All Paslode first fix nails are classified according to Eurocode 5 Service Class 1,2 and 3, providing a suitable nail for every application. For more information, please click here



For all your concrete and steel construction needs. The SPIT Brand is well known on the commercial construction market, specialising in concrete/steel fastening systems. It offers innovative fastening solutions for all construction trades : Masons, Electricians, Drywall hangers, Steelworkers, Plumbers/Heating technicians, etc.


SPIT specialises in drill-free direct fastening systems, and heavy duty mechanical and chemical fixing solutions. For more information, please click here

Cullen Timber

Since 1977 Cullen Timber Engineering Connectors have been synonymous with innovation, quality and customer service within the building industry. Becoming a part of ITW Construction Products in 2008, Cullen has benefitted from the expertise and resources of a global corporation allowing them to grow, invent and create more than before.


Designing and manufacturing a complete range of timber engineering connectors, Cullen is at the forefront of market trends, ideas and needs. For more information, please click here

Gang Nail

For over 50 years, Gang-Nail has specialised in the development and production of timber connecting systems, software and equipment for the production of floor and roof solutions.

Designing and manufacturing a succinct range of open web products, punched metal nailplate and providing the software to design rafter and floor solutions, the Gang-Nail brand is chosen for its reliable quality and European compliance. For more information, please click here