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Global experts in load transfer solutions, Danley engineers joint deflection systems for slab-on-ground industrial concrete floors and pavements.

Quality led, with a focus on ease of installation and optimising the performance of concrete floors and pavements, Danley’s portfolio of load transfer  solutions is trusted around the world for delivering unrivalled performance.

PD3® Dowel Cradle

For longer slab-life, superior joint stability and unrivalled joint deflection, the ACI-compliant PD3® Dowel Cradle features a sleeveless plate dowel designed to reduce joint spalling, facilitate optimal load transfer and deliver the lowest risk of restraint compared to other market-leading products.


Danley® Dowel

A tapered plate and sleeve system designed to reduce restraint for day joint applications, the Danley® Dowel is ideal for industrial concrete floors and pavements. Providing a cost-effective, fast fix to timber form system, these dowels eliminate the need for drilling or processing of formwork, delivering load transfer across the joint, minimising differential deflection between adjacent slab panels.


Strategic Reinforcement ™ Design

A value-engineered solution, combining ground supported flatwork designs with the performance advantages of Danley tapered plate dowels, our strategic reinforcement system removes mid-panel reinforcement to optimise materials and labour - delivering impressive performance and cost savings.



Trusted worldwide, Danley’s load transfer solutions are used by global brands looking to create performance-driven concrete floors and pavements that will last.

Next PLC

When retail giant Next PLC needed to extend the warehousing facility at its distribution centre in South Elmsall, West Yorkshire, it appointed Adept Consulting Engineers to design and install the pavement for the new external service yard.
Despite knowing that mesh reinforcement is common practice for service yard slabs, Adept wanted to push the boundaries of performance and design, and for that, they consulted Danley.
The new external service yard would need to withstand high-traffic heavy goods vehicles, and guarantee minimal maintenance and downtime over the lifecycle


Discount Wholesaler

When one of the world’s largest discount wholesale brands began constructing its new 14,000m2 flagship store, it needed a concrete floor capable of withstanding the highest levels of traffic, including the sustained use of warehouse vehicles with small plastic wheels.
Built for longevity, this flagship location needed a floor which could guarantee minimal maintenance and downtime throughout its lifespan, which meant selecting a construction method which addressed the common issues of concrete stressing, cracking and joint spalling.


Avery Weigh-Tronix

An iconic location for manufacturing, the Avery Weigh-Tronix site in Smethwick is home to the Soho Foundry and holds the title for the longest fully operational manufacturing site in the UK.
When it came to refurbishing their truckyard, they needed a paving solution that would withstand 47 tonne lorries on a daily basis, and require little maintenance or downtime throughout its lifespan. Not a company to shy away from innovation, Avery Weigh-Tronix were keen to use the Danley Strategic Reinforcement Design - a pavement installation system that would require

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